Teach you to maintain your car after rain

A: the engine and the exhaust pipe maintenance

when driving, we must pay attention to the depth of the water, not rash. After the water deep place, the exhaust pipe after the car will also be dipped in water, exhaust pipe flooded, the car can't name. So the water too deep, should try to detour, if can not bypass, use a rubber pipe to the exhaust pipe, the pipe above the face, so that water can not enter the exhaust pipe. In the car, in a timely manner to wipe the rain check engine, alternator belt for any cracks, so as not to shorten the service life of the automobile.

B: check the wiper

if the wiper is not well off the rain, will give great dangerous driving safety, so it should be more careful in inspection and maintenance. The wiper working in glass surface was mist, fine beads, and produce stripes or local fuzzy, mostly because the effect of oil film, dirty or car wax, as long as the windshield wiper clean and can be. Once the wiper with fault can not move, mostly fuse has burned out, find the rain fuse wiper, pumping out to replace it.

C: engine circuit moisture-proof

if moving engine suddenly died not repeatedly ignition, should wait for a period of time or get off to check the circuit, otherwise easily cause engine scrap, if it is because of the aging leakage must be timely replacement. Rainy days often wading, when the car smoothly wading through should be promptly after the circuit equipment timely maintenance.

D: brake except water

as the car brake system is the most dual vacuum assisted hydraulic brake, brake fluid transfer of power and has a strong water absorption. Once found the car brake fluid absorption is serious, should send professional repair shop in addition to water.

E: chassis maintenance

general procedure is first clean, then the antirust processing, the whole process takes about 30~40 minutes of continuous. Do a chassis antirust processing, anti rust effect can be maintained for 3 months or longer.

F: paint protection

a simple and effective method is waxing, more long more effective sealing glair is, both to prevent paint fade ageing, thereby protecting the body from damage.

G: car after

on the car seat, outlet these health corner more to do cleaning work, to carry out cleaning and disinfection of the console, door and other parts with special interior cleaning agent. Pay attention to the protection of audio, radio, CD and other electrical equipment, avoid them water and subjected to corrosion.

don't flush the vehicle interior, common side of private car owners who wash with water body, the side with the dishcloth, private car owners would like to remind is: the body is best not to wash water directly. Because the pad underneath the cab floor is not the boundless plain, “ ” to the structure of the groove, the cab floor on the pad below the through hole is very much. After washing with water, or deposited in the groove is not easy to dry, or rust flow to the gearbox and other parts from the through hole. Especially good sealing performance car not flush water directly body interior. The correct way is to wipe with a damp cloth, but to avoid water.

H: tire maintenance

in the rainy season before the arrival if severe tire wear, tire tread disappear must replace. It was during the rainy season, it will reduce the number of tire pressure, purpose is to make the friction between the tire and the ground area increases, thereby increasing adhesion, actually run counter to one's desire, it is more easy to cause the tyre slip, maintain normal tire pressure is very important.

don't give the wheel bolt and nut oil, at the wheel of a car repair, in order to prevent the wheel bolt and nut rust, installation will create new styles bolt and nut are coated with oil, but this approach is not only wrong, but also for traffic safety will bring risks. Tighten bolts and nuts, self-locking between characteristics. And coated with lubricant, drop self-locking coefficient between the two smaller, self-locking performance. In the car at high speed, very easy to loose bolts and nuts and even fall off, causing traffic accidents.

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