YANTAI EMPIRE INDUSTRY&TRADE CO.,LTD is a company making efforts to supply high quality garage equipment including Frame Machine, Spray Booth, Heater & Burner,Auto lift, Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer,Wheel Aligner, Decoder, Key Programmer, Oil Drainer, Tools Cabinet,Air Compressor, Jack & Stand, Crane, Pressing Machine etc. Also we could supply parts and accessories for auto repairing shops, such as hydraulic cylinder for lifts, turning plate for wheel aligner etc.,

About the spray booth:

Design and installation services for spray paint booth finishing equipment and systems. Features include full-downdraft, semi-down, and side draft air evacuation design, cross flow, drive-thru doors, side load with tracks, inside vehicle lifts. and heated and air make-up. Suitable for component and rocket manufacturer, transportation, military, commercial business aviation, and hanger conversion applications.

    In the past ten years,Yantai Empire as a professional auto repair equipment manufacturer,has always projected in the distant look across the Atlantic,in the wildly competitive North American market,critical European market etc.,can be found quality products from Yantai Empire,can be heard the name of Yantai Empire,What customers rely on in not only the top quality products,but also professional and efficient services.

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Custom Paint Booths
We carry a large supply of standard paint booths available to ship  However, as a leading China paint booth manufacturer, we are also able to provide you with a custom paint booth solution and have it delivered quickly. Over 50% of the paint booths and paint mixing rooms that we sell are designed specifically for our customer's needs.
Our engineers work hard to quickly design and create custom spray booths in a timely manner. We generally ship custom spray booth in 3-5 days or less so your spray booth can be delivered to you in 15 days or less (in most cases).

Let us design a custom paint booth system that will meet your shop needs and your budget. Simply give us a call at +86 18562167357today to get started!

 Heating System

Diesel Burner (Italy RIELLO, RG5S)* 1unit Heating Exchanger (Stainless Steel material)* 1unit 5-10 minutes reaching the baking temperature 60~80 degree CelsiusCabinet (rock-wool insulation) * 1unit; Air Ducts * 2pcs


Basement System

Metal Pedestal (Galvanized), with Filter Tray* 2rows & Ramps a coupleGrid Plates (Galvanized)* 2rowsDiamond Plates (Powder Coated or Galvanized)* 3rows

Filter System

Primary Filter* 1set, filtering rate > 83%
Air-Intake Filter* 1set, filtering rate > 97%
Air-Exhaust Filter* 1set, filtering rate > 70%
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