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The world's top ten network companies you absolutely don't know!

1、AVON 雅芳
Avon was founded in 1886 and is headquartered in the United States. The company mainly sells cosmetics and recently also sells women's clothing and jewelry. In 2016, sales were approximately $11.3 billion. Avon became a public company in 2015 and donated some of its profits to other R&D institutions.雅芳(Avon)在1886年成立,总部位于美国。公司主要销售化妆品,最近也销售女士服装和珠宝。2016年,销售额约为113亿美元。雅芳在2015年成为一家上市公司,并将部分利润捐赠其他研发机构。
2、Amway 安利
Amway sells a wide range of products, including beauty products, household items, nutrition and weight loss. Last year, the company had approximately $10.9 billion in sales and 80 markets worldwide. Since 1959, Amway has become a popular and respected brand.安利(Amway)销售大量产品,其中包括美容产品,家居用品,营养和减肥。去年,公司在全球拥有约109亿美元销售额和80个市场。从1959年开始,安利已成为一个受欢迎和受尊重的品牌。
As early as 1980, a protein-based weight loss management product was sold in the trunk of the founder Mark Hughes. Over time, more weight loss and exercise products appeared on the market, and Herbalife's sales in more than 80 markets worldwide reached millions of dollars. In 2000, the company quickly restored its old market strategy. Herbalife re-entered the stock market in 2004.早在1980年,一种基于蛋白质的减肥管理产品就由创始人Mark Hughes的汽车后备箱中销售。 随着时间的推移,市场上出现了更多的减肥和运动健身产品,康宝莱(Herbalife)在全球80多个市场的销售额达到数百万美元。2000年,公司迅速恢复了昔日的新市场策略。康宝莱在2004年重新进入股市。
4、Natura & Co
Natura & Co
Founded in 1969, Natura & Co is a Brazilian cosmetics and personal care company. The company's product line is suitable for men, women and children. In 2016, Natura & Co had sales of $3 billion and its business covers seven markets in South America. Natura & Co成立于1969年,是一家巴西化妆品和个人护理公司。公司产品线适用于男士,女士和儿童。2016年,Natura & Co销售额为30亿美元,业务范围涉及南美洲七个市场。
5、Vorwerk 福维克
Vorwerk began in Germany in 1883. The company offers a wide range of products for men, women and children, as well as Jafra USA. Last year, the cosmetics company had sales of about $3 billion. Vorvik has more than 1 million sales representatives covering seven global markets.福维克(Vorwerk)始于1883年的德国。公司为男士,女士和儿童,以及美国Jafra提供了许多产品。去年,这家化妆品公司销售额约为30亿美元。福维克拥有超过100万销售代表,覆盖七个全球市场。
6、Mary Kay 玫琳凯
Mary Kay is an American cosmetics company founded in 1963. In 2016, the company's sales in 35 markets around the world were close to $3 billion. Like Avon, Mary Kay also works with many charities to help women in need.玫琳凯(Mary Kay)是一家美国化妆品公司,成立于1963年。2016年,公司在全球35个市场的销售额接近30亿美元。与雅芳一样,玫琳凯也与许多慈善机构进行合作,帮助有需要的女性。
7、Tupperware Brands Corporation
Tupperware Brands Corporation began in 1946 with a slow start in the hardware division, but within a few years it adopted a new marketing strategy. In addition to food and storage, Tupperware also sells home and office storage, cookware and kitchen utensils.特百惠品牌公司(Tupperware Brands Corporation)始于1946年,在硬件部门起步较慢,但在几年之内,它采用了新的营销策略。除了食品和储存,特百惠还出售家庭和办公室存储,炊具和厨房用具。
8、Oriflame 欧瑞莲
Oriflame is a Luxembourg company that specializes in men's and women's cosmetics and personal care products, as well as nutritional products, which opened in 1967. Oriflame also offers home accessories and jewelry. In 2016, sales exceeded 2 billion and it has nearly 4 million representatives in 67 markets around the world.欧瑞莲(Oriflame)是一家卢森堡公司,专注于男士和女士化妆品和个人护理产品,以及营养品,于1967年开始营业。欧瑞莲还提供家居饰品和珠宝。2016年,销售额超过20亿,在全球67个市场拥有近400万名代表。
9、Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. 如新企业有限公司
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1984 to provide cosmetics, personal care and weight management products. In 2016, the company had nearly $2 billion in sales and had approximately 900,000 sales representatives, covering approximately 52 markets worldwide. In the same year, it entered the stock market as new.如新企业有限公司(Nu Skin Enterprises,Inc.)成立于1984年,提供化妆品,个人护理和减肥管理产品。2016年,公司拥有将近20亿美元销售额,并拥有约90万销售代表,覆盖全球约52个市场。同年,如新进入股市。
10、Primerica Financial Services
Primerica Financial Services
Primerica Financial Services is a US financial services company founded in 1977. Primerica Financial Services consumer products include financial analysis, debt management, investment and prepayment laws, and different types of personal insurance. It claims to be the best-selling commodity in North American financial services and entered the stock market in 2010. 2016 sales exceeded $1 billion. Primerica Financial Services是一家美国金融服务公司,成立于1977年。Primerica Financial Services消费者产品包括财务分析,债务管理,投资和预付法律,以及不同类型的个人保险。它自称为北美金融服务的最畅销商品,并在2010年进入股市。2016年销售额超过10亿美元。

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