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spray booth/ paint oven/Spray booth with air supply

Spray booth with air supply

For the painting industry, whether it is automotive painting, automotive parts spraying, motorcycle painting,
Painted furniture, painted advertising boards and even painted aircraft paints, such as airplanes and helicopters, require the use of spray booths, spray booths or spray booths in the painting work.
Because the color mixture contains chemicals that are harmful to the respiratory tract, digestive tract, and nervous system, as well as environmental problems.

What do I need to use in the spray booth? If the budget is limited according to theory, the spray booth is the most effective spray booth. Because of adjustment
The inlet and outlet air pressure is controlled by the frequency converter (inverter control) so that the compressed air in the spray chamber is larger than the suction amount (positive), and the pressure is suitable for the pressure.
Spray paint keeps the air in the room actively pushing dust from the outside so that you can enter the spray booth
In the case where external dust enters the spray booth, the dust particles that are sprayed on the workpiece cause many colors to be corrected, so if there is no budget problem

Spray chamber drive control is considered to be the most efficient spray booth.
In the case of budgetary constraints, the authors suggest that only spray paint systems can be used as spray chambers, water curtain systems or dry spray systems (filters).
However, the spray booth structure must be sturdy, and the leak-proof system door must have rubber balls. The joints of various rooms must be sealed. The floor and walls of the spray booth are well dried.
Most importantly, the wind must be equipped with a dust filtration system. Entering the painting room on one side of the wind will help reduce dust problems that may occur in the workpiece, if possible. Helps increase productivity and save
The same is true for the budget.

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