Brand: Empire

Model: EWA-3D-R500(LBK)

Min Order: 1 set

Payment: T/T L/C Paypal Western Union

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1. Chinese Windows OS, operation process can be easily guided by "Next step" instruction.

2. Exceed 20,000 database around the world and with a lifetime update service.

3. Repeat measurement accuracy is ±0.03which be a world's leading level.

4. Measurement Angle: Toe, Camber, Caster, S.A.I, thrust angle, Setback angle, Max turning angle, Wheel tread, Wheel base,Wheel rolling redius.

5. Android cell phone and laptop are supported to show the vehicle measurement data, more convenient for operator.

6. Humanized software design, animation video can be used to help technician more quickly complete the operation.

7. Ultra-low chassis and refit vehicle—Volks Wagen and Audi, XLWB and with ESP function vehicle are also can be measured.

8. Secondary jack-up function, which can be used to more conveniently help technician adjust Camber. 

Standard configuration

1. Options: “ROADBUCK” Application software could be installed in the Table PC with Android system. Clients can long-distance operate the wheel alignment measurement

through Bluetooth.

2. Packing assistant camera function: independent web camera can guide the vehicle pack in the specific location.

3. Apply high strength plastic target, which is lighter, thinner and stronger.

4. Fast installation, suitable for all rims between 12”-23” . Double chuck, which can install both on iron and aluminum wheel hub.

5 million high definition camera: it can also assure accurate alignment measurement when target plates get smaller.Intelligent LED navigation system: the operator doesn’t need to check the screen for the instruction of intelligent LED navigation system and can easily complete wheel alignment operation.
6 .Double display LCDs can make sure the operator clear recognize the data on the screen in any angle and condition during operation, thus improving the working efficiency.

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